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Miscellaneous archaeological information


In the course of researching Celtic Coinage of Britain and the articles on this website, a number of unique or unusual documents were located. These have never been published, or are sufficiently obscure to deserve publication.

The purpose of this section is to make these materials available to archaeologists and the wider public. Though not numismatic in nature, they add to the general knowledge available to workers on the coinage.


Annie Playne's Scrapbook

Annie Playne ScrapbookIn 1880, the Great Pavement at Woodchester Roman Villa was re-excavated. It was not only placed on public display, but was extensively recorded. The re-excavations were published in the 1880-1881 volume of Transactions of the Bristol & Gloucestershire Archaeological Society.

In the course of the excavations, artists were called upon to record the mosaic. Their work was collected by Annie E. Playne and assembled in a scrapbook. This original site record is publised in an article here.

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Chedworth Roman Villa 1880s

Chedworth 2A photographic record of a visit to Chedworth Roman Villa in the 1880s.

Albumin prints.

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Chester Hypocaust Reconstruction Photograph ca. 1865-1890

Chester HypycaustCommercial photographic print by J. Valentine. Roman hypocaust reconstruction near the Chester watertower.

Albumin print.

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Frank Haverfield letter 28 oct.

Haverfield 1A letter from Frank Haverfield to Thomas Hodgkin discussing the builder of Hadrian's Wall. The letter dates to about 1900.

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